Blue Skies Interiors Evolution Into a Proven Federal Prime Contractor

Phase I - Technical Development

Blue Skies Interiors was conceived address a growing local need for quality Office Furniture Integrators in the Greater Colorado Springs area including, several Military Bases that were expanding at the time due to base realignment.

  • Fort Carson Army Base 
  • Peterson Air Force Base 
  • Schriever Air Force Base 
  • United States Air Force Academy

Like most small business Blue Skies Interiors started out at the kitchen table and out of the back of the owner’s truck, working nights and weekend for other furniture dealers and installation companies in the area, learning the craft and trade from the ground up.

Soon Blue Skies became known for the quality of work it preformed and became a Sub-Contractor for local Alaskan Native Corporations (ANC) and was brought on to be the Project Coordinator for several US Army Corp of Engineers Projects. In time, Blue Skies Interiors grew, not only managing & coordinating the USACE office furniture installations, but began to handle:

  • Site Verification 
  • Product Specification 
  • Order Tracking & Product Warehousing

Soon Blue Skies Interiors became a dealer for several manufactures. It was at this point Blue Skies started developing our in-house space planning and design team along with interning several new candidates for future project managers.

Phase II - Infrastructure

Blue Skies Interiors applied for 8(a) certification as a Native American owned company and were able to move to our new office in a HubZone location.

At the same time, we started working directly with the manufactures and the Army Corp of Engineers out of Huntsville on several Fort Carson Department of Public Works projects and eventually won several contracts in conjunction with manufactures and an incumbent Alaskan Native Corporation.

  • Military Battalion HQ, Building 842, Fort Carson, CO Army $1,122,580.94 
  • EAB Complex, Building 840 and 9092, Fort Carson, CO Army $ 456,012.83 
  • SOF OPS Maintenance Facility 10th Special Forces, Fort Carson, CO Army $ 146,072.00 
  • EAB COF and TEMF Building 1280 and,1282, Fort Carson, CO Army $ 386,753.26 
  • Department of Logistics, Building 8000, Fort Carson, CO Army $ 28,675.64

It was on these USACE & Fort Carson DPW Projects that Blue Skies became a proven & tested partner that was known for reliability, accountability and being a great team player in the very rigorous and demanding USACE Huntsville Office Interior Construction. 8(a) and HubZone application were both approved and we began direct marketing on a full-time basis to the Federal Market Place.

  • HUBZone Certification Date: 08/30/2013, Native American, SBA 
  • 8(a) Certification Date: 06/21/2013, Case number: 305894

Phase III - Prime Contractor

Blue Skies Interiors soon rewarded for our efforts with several Direct Awards as Prime Contractor with several Federal Agencies not just in Colorado but in Texas, New Mexico, Maryland, Virginia and California. Key Projects of note included:

  • GS-08P14-JA-C-0056 -- $844,438.84 GSA Building 41 Furniture Consolidation and Reconfiguration for the BLM (Workspace Consolidation and Smart Office) 
  • W912PP-14-P-0154 -- $456,649.61 Kirtland AFB, Nuclear Weapons Sustainment Center (ACOE) 
  • W91QV1-14-C-0161 -- $333,889.43 Fort Belvoir, VA - Army Force Management School Modernization 
  • W91QF6-14-R-0013 -- $82,002.70 Fort Meade, MD - Army Dept. of Logistics

Bank relationships lead to:

  • Bonded and insured as required
  • Line of credit established

Blue Skies Interiors worked closely with these customers to deliver on time and on budget.

Phase IV - Proven Scope and Scale

Blue Skies Interiors continued to develop it product and service offerings to be an effective Interior Integrator. We added new competencies:

  • Flooring
  • Audio Visual
  • Data Cabling Integration
  • Console solutions

Our service experience and logistical expertise to the addition of GSA FSS MAS Service Contract: GSA FSS Comprehensive Furniture Management Services 71- II k, GS- 03F-0663A

Our relationship with our diverse manufacturing base and our consistent execution of packaged contracts lead to the addition of a GSA FSS MAS Product and Service Contract: GSA FSS Packaged Office Furniture 71-1, GS-27F-009GA

Service Centers were established for our federal customer base: 

Eastern Service Location

8245 Boone Blvd. Suite 701
Vienna, VA 22182(202) 754-8817

Pacific Service Location

1314 S. King Street Suite 850
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814(808) 489-9442

Western Administration and Service Location 

121 E Bijou Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903(719) 623-2301

Our HubZone Administration Center was purchased by the business.

We were then awarded three Federal BPA’s OCONUS and CONUS:

Pentagon Real Estate Facilities (REF-A) Office Furniture BPA Army, Aberdeen Contracting Command

  • Contract: W91CRB-16-D-00165 Year Term, Value $20,000,000CONUS Demountable Glass Wall Products BPA
Department of Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Service
  • Contract: TFSAFSABPA160065 Year Term, Value $1,000,000Hawaii ECC Furniture BPA
Expeditionary Contracting Command, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
  • Contract: W912CN-17-A-00085 Year Term, Value $11,000,000


Blue Skies Interiors, DBA Blue Skies Furniture is a proven prime contractor that saves the government significant time, money and energy by providing turnkey solutions for furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) procurement. Blue Skies Interiors offers a one-stop-shop for planning, design and installation of the products and services required for occupancy.

DUNS Number: 83 183 5108
CAGE Code: 5QCL4
8(a) Case number: 305894
Hub Zone Certified Business #50141
TERO Certified
Blue Skies Federal Capability Statement with Past Performance

Washington DC Region (202) 754-8117
Pacific Region (808) 489-9442
Western Region (719) 623-2301
Fax (719) 368-8558
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